Mint-Filled-Cute-as-a-Button Chocolate Cupcakes

25 Jul

July 25th, 2009

Recently, Martha Stewart came out with a cupcake book, filled with tons of recipes, ideas, and tricks. And being a fan of hers, I consulted in the book and decided to combine two of her recipes- the Devil’s Food Cupcakes and the Mint Filled Cupcakes. The Devil’s Food Cupcakes calls for sour cream, something that I have not tried with cupcakes before. The sour cream moistens the cupcake, and adds a little kick to it. Instead of using the chocolate ganache frosting, I made a red cream cheese frosting. The mint center was a really big hit and all my guests loved it!

Fresh from the oven, the melted mint patty tasted so refreshing and it took away fromthe too chocolately cake. I made a mixture of large and mini cupcakes for my sister’s house warming party, which took place over two days, and every single cupcake got devoured!

One scoop of batter, topped with a mint patty, then finished with another scoop of batter on top

Melted mint inside the cupcake

Cute-as-button cupcakes!

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