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Tangy Lemon Cupcakes

28 May

May 28th, 2011

My sister gave me a bunch of lemons and I forgot about them until I saw them sitting in the fridge. I was meaning to use them sooner, and even found a lemon tart recipe. But the tart recipe looked like it would be a few days worth of process, and I needed something quick to make for a friend’s get together, so I opted for lemon cupcakes instead.

Since I love using fresh ingredients, I decided to use fresh lemon juice and add it to the batter. Not knowing whether or not others would like the tanginess, I was a little cautious with how much lemon juice I was adding. I’m a fan, so if I was making the cupcakes to devour all by myself I would have easily used the juice from two whole lemons! On top of that, I spiced up plain butter cream with a few drops of lemon juice and fresh lemon zest.

These are by far one of my favorite cupcakes. I’ll be tempted to make them again, but I’m also itching to make that lemon tart. Stay tuned…

The Best Things in Life Are Chocolate

22 May

May 22nd, 2011

I met up with my friend this weekend, who is a talented freelance makeup artist, to do my makeup for an event.  I wanted to give her something in exchange and decided to make some decadent chocolate cupcakes.

The original plan was to only frost the cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream frosting.  However, I got a little chocolate crazy and decided to fill the cupcakes with milk chocolate ganache that I had left over.  A little too much chocolate?…That was my first thought, but one can never have too much chocolate!

So chocolatey

Cross sectional view of the filled centers

SF Food Blogger Bake Sale- a Success!

18 May

May 18th, 2011

After a week of staying up to bake macaron pops I realize it was all worth it. About 40 packages, each package with 3 pops, each pop with two macarons…that’s 40x3x2 = 240 individual macarons! On Friday night I was relieved when I sandwiched the last pop, but also very excited for the bake sale the following day.

Chocolate Macaron Pops

Day of the bake sale, located inside of Kiehl’s in Pacific Heights.

All proceeds go to Share Our Strength 

Setting up at Kiehl’s

There were so many talented bakers that participated and I was in awe of the variety of baked goodies that were being sold.  I couldn’t help it and picked up a few items myself. I was at the bake sale from 2-3pm and saw a good amount of foot traffic.  All in all, a total of $2,400 was raised, which 100% of it will go towards Share Our Strength.

A well organized event and I’m definitely looking forward to participate again!

Chocolate Macarons for Mother’s Day

8 May

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Friday night I stayed up past midnight to bake more macarons because I wanted to bring them back for my family for Mother’s Day weekend. However, my brother beat me to it, and bought a bunch of macarons from Buchon Bakery from Yountville. If you haven’t seen these macarons in person, they’re enormous, which made my little macarons look like nothing. Makes me want to attempt to bake macarons the size of a CD! I still think mine tasted better because 1.) they were homemade, and 2.) they were bite size.

I’m a fan of the chocolate flavored macarons with the hazelnut ganache. I also made more pistachio, but I still need to find pistachio paste to make the filling. (I’ve looked everywhere for pistachio paste, and only found them online on Amazon).

This coming week will be a busy baking week in preparation for the coming weekend. I’m baking for the Bake Sale on Saturday, and will also be baking for a special graduation celebration on Sunday. It’ll be busy, but I’m excited!

On another note, a second location for the SF Food Blogger Website has been added. I will be volunteering at Kiehl’s Fillmore from 2-3pm, so come by!

SF Food Blogger Bake Sale, Saturday May 14th:

Kiehl’s Fillmore, located at:
 2360 Fillmore Street at Washington Street
 San Francisco, CA 94110

18 Reasons, located at:
 593 Guerrero Street at 18th Street
 San Francisco, CA 94110

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