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Chocolate Rum Cupcakes

30 Oct

October 30th, 2011

Happy Halloween weekend!

In spirit of Halloween and for a work potluck tomorrow, I made these chocolatey cupcakes. They’re filled with a light chocolate mousse and glazed with a dark chocolate rum ganache. I also added a bit of Captain Morgan spiced rum to the cupcake batter, but the rum flavor is subtle since I was experimenting and only added a small amount.  Next time I’ll know to add a bit more rum for a kick.

To make these cupcakes more playful, I made these little ghosts as toppers (all edible!).  I hope they’re a hit tomorrow at work!

Happy Halloween and be safe!

Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake

Filled with chocolate mousse

Glazed with dark chocolate rum ganach

Topped with white fondant ghost

R+K’s Baby Shower

17 Jul

July 17th, 2011

My friends Rey and Kate had their baby shower this past weekend and I was super excited when they asked me to make cupcakes for their event. I found cute little onsies and baby bottle cutters and decided to use them as the theme.  They are expecting a girl, so I went with a girl color scheme for the fondant toppers and made red velvet, chocolate, and peppermint chocolate cupcakes.

It’s A Girl!

Rey + Kate’s Baby Shower, 7-16-11

Baby Bottle Chocolate Cupcakes
Baby Onsie Red Velvet Cupcakes

Rey is also a big fan of Spiderman, so as an extra, I made Spiderman cake pops with a lemon flavored cake. I was worried that the pops didn’t look like Spiderman, but most people were able to recognize and relate them to the actual character. What do you think?

The cute baby shower invitation.

Spiderman Cake Pop Bouquet

The Best Things in Life Are Chocolate

22 May

May 22nd, 2011

I met up with my friend this weekend, who is a talented freelance makeup artist, to do my makeup for an event.  I wanted to give her something in exchange and decided to make some decadent chocolate cupcakes.

The original plan was to only frost the cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream frosting.  However, I got a little chocolate crazy and decided to fill the cupcakes with milk chocolate ganache that I had left over.  A little too much chocolate?…That was my first thought, but one can never have too much chocolate!

So chocolatey

Cross sectional view of the filled centers

Mint-Filled-Cute-as-a-Button Chocolate Cupcakes

25 Jul

July 25th, 2009

Recently, Martha Stewart came out with a cupcake book, filled with tons of recipes, ideas, and tricks. And being a fan of hers, I consulted in the book and decided to combine two of her recipes- the Devil’s Food Cupcakes and the Mint Filled Cupcakes. The Devil’s Food Cupcakes calls for sour cream, something that I have not tried with cupcakes before. The sour cream moistens the cupcake, and adds a little kick to it. Instead of using the chocolate ganache frosting, I made a red cream cheese frosting. The mint center was a really big hit and all my guests loved it!

Fresh from the oven, the melted mint patty tasted so refreshing and it took away fromthe too chocolately cake. I made a mixture of large and mini cupcakes for my sister’s house warming party, which took place over two days, and every single cupcake got devoured!

One scoop of batter, topped with a mint patty, then finished with another scoop of batter on top

Melted mint inside the cupcake

Cute-as-button cupcakes!

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