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Chocolate Macarons for Mother’s Day

8 May

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Friday night I stayed up past midnight to bake more macarons because I wanted to bring them back for my family for Mother’s Day weekend. However, my brother beat me to it, and bought a bunch of macarons from Buchon Bakery from Yountville. If you haven’t seen these macarons in person, they’re enormous, which made my little macarons look like nothing. Makes me want to attempt to bake macarons the size of a CD! I still think mine tasted better because 1.) they were homemade, and 2.) they were bite size.

I’m a fan of the chocolate flavored macarons with the hazelnut ganache. I also made more pistachio, but I still need to find pistachio paste to make the filling. (I’ve looked everywhere for pistachio paste, and only found them online on Amazon).

This coming week will be a busy baking week in preparation for the coming weekend. I’m baking for the Bake Sale on Saturday, and will also be baking for a special graduation celebration on Sunday. It’ll be busy, but I’m excited!

On another note, a second location for the SF Food Blogger Website has been added. I will be volunteering at Kiehl’s Fillmore from 2-3pm, so come by!

SF Food Blogger Bake Sale, Saturday May 14th:

Kiehl’s Fillmore, located at:
 2360 Fillmore Street at Washington Street
 San Francisco, CA 94110

18 Reasons, located at:
 593 Guerrero Street at 18th Street
 San Francisco, CA 94110

Easter Macarons

24 Apr

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Happy Easter!

Unfortunately, I had an unexpected fever on Friday evening that gave me a lasting headache all night Friday and the entire Saturday.  I even had to cancel going to the Giants game on Saturday! It was a bummer that I couldn’t do much, but I attempted to make the most out of it by baking.

Pistachio with white ganache filling. The fresh crushed pistachio on top gave a good crunch.

With dark chocolate ganache filling.

Just for fun, I made some into lollipops.

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